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May 2017 Archives

2017 corporate planning projection continued: notable points

As we noted in our last blog post, 2017 could well turn out to be a singular year in the American business world, given the "different scenarios for possible corporate tax reforms" currently being evaluated and floated about on Capitol Hill.

2017 projection: material tax-related challenges, opportunities

Some level of uncertainty is a given in the commercial world, with the unknown playing a huge role in the assumptions, research and analysis, and ultimate decision making of business entrepreneurs and executives.

Three things entrepreneurs should know

Entrepreneurs have a number of challenges when first getting started. Whether it is funding issues, finding good employees or even finding good legal counsel, there are always going to be things that define your business. The key is addressing issues with the right mindset, and taking each challenge as a learning experience. Keep in mind that even the largest corporations have similar challenges.

Some considerations relevant to partnership success

Any reader of our website at the established Manhattan business and commercial law firm of Rich Michaelson Magaliff Moser, LLP, will quickly appreciate the emphasis that our attorneys place upon timely and proactive decision making relevant to virtually all business processes.

Purchasing company assets: many ways to pursue the goal

You might be a banker or principal with an investment company looking for new opportunities. Perhaps you are a buyer's agent, the point person for a business seeking new management/owners or other corporate actor.

Driving entity formation: pro-LLC proposal in the spotlight

When it comes to considerations relevant to entity formation for any business in New York or elsewhere nationally, taxation-related issues quickly come to the fore. How will a commercial enterprise be taxed and, importantly, how will business principals be treated individually concerning tax duties?

Spotlighting noncompete agreements: some key factors

It is more than advisable for an employer to consider what might happen in the future regarding select employees who leave their positions to take up employment with a business competitor or go directly into business for themselves.