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February 2017 Archives

On financial restructuring and legal help

Financial hardship can befall any company. Maybe not necessarily at any time, but the concept still holds water. When a business starts to suffer financial, it is rare for the solution to be one-dimensional. These problems are often far more complex than they seem, and the solutions often require a tactical approach from many different angles to properly implement.

Terminated contract hits Tempur Sealy stock hard

You may not think that the mattress industry could cause such newsworthy stories, it did just that. Tempur Sealy, the easily-recognized mattress brand known for the Sealy Posturepedic, announced at the end of January that it would be cutting ties with Mattress Firm, a retailing giant in the mattress industry. The two parties were locked in a dispute over how to extend the contracts they had together. Unable to reach agreement, the parties announced they will be terminating those contracts.

3 things to know about closing your business

You worked hard to build up your business, but things haven't been going well for a while. You are thinking about closing your business. You can't just close the doors and walk away. You must follow specific laws to dissolve the business properly.

Royalties under attack in Apple v. Qualcomm lawsuit

Qualcomm is one of the big players in the tech industry, but what many people may not know is that Qualcomm has extended their business by using licensing. If you own or use a smartphone, it is very likely that you are using hardware that carries the Qualcomm name. In fact, in recent years, licensing has accounted or roughly one-third of Qualcomm's revenue. 

Student debt could pose challenges when trying to finance a start-up

One goal many people have is to start their own business. Many things could impact a person’s ability to achieve this goal. One are matters related to financing their new business.