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Some level of uncertainty is a given in the commercial world, with the unknown playing a huge role in the assumptions, research and analysis, and ultimate decision making of business entrepreneurs and executives.

Indeed, that uncertainty is a core driving factor that spurs some enterprises to marked success in their business realms.

Business principals in New York City and all other growth areas of the country are likely focused to a heightened degree on risk these days (both the opportunities it engenders and potential downsides), given the swirl of political activity and even intrigue that surrounds Washington, D.C. and Capitol Hill regarding possible upcoming changes of significance in the business world.

And taxation is likely centrally on their minds.

A recent Accounting Today article points to the current year — and especially what 2017 might still bring in the many months remaining — as likely being comparatively notable for corporate planners.

And nothing, notes the author of that piece, will likely eclipse planners’ outsized focus on tax matters.

Indeed, change is in the air in the nation’s capitol, and Accounting Today duly points out that company managers will “need to consider different scenarios for the possible corporate tax reforms now being weighed in Congress.”

The details regarding significant developments that could occur later in the year are not currently fleshed out, of course, but they soon will be, and planners need to be ready to act.

Corporate decision makers must keenly note “what their levers are,” states the above-cited media focus.

We’ll take a closer look at things that they might reasonably be looking at in our next blog post.