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August 2016 Archives

Federal judge vacancies impacting expedience of business cases

Have you ever wondered why some cases languish in a legal backlog for so long? It seems so avoidable and unnecessary on the surface, but obviously there are reasons for the long backlogs. But these delays in dealing with a business case or general litigation case don't just create more work over a longer period of time for the court system. They also create huge headaches and massive problems for the companies and individuals at the heart of these cases, as they wait and wait for a critical legal issue to be resolved. 

Bankruptcy, auction spares Gawker Media Group's online assets

Many of our readers are likely familiar with Gawker Media Group, an internet publisher that owns numerous online properties, including the group's eponymous and most popular blog Gawker. These same readers have likely been aware for some time now that Gawker Media Group has been hit with a number of lawsuits, one of which was so costly and devastating that it led to Gawker Media Group's bankruptcy.

The need for attorneys when businesses acquire assets

When a business or corporation looks to acquire new assets, merge with other companies, establish new parts of their ongoing business or preparing for a stock purchase, these types of deals don't happen overnight. They aren't completed with a quick handshake a brief exchange of money and assets. No -- these agreements are complex and robust, and there are a lot of intricate factors that go into these deals.

The remedies to a breach of contract

Not every contract that is signed will yield the perfect result. In fact, in some cases, one side of the deal will not fulfill their obligations as outlined in the contract. When this happens, it can cause serious damage, financial or otherwise, to the other company involved in the deal. Contract disputes like this happen more often than you would think, so it is important for companies to legally protect and prepare themselves.

NYAG's challenges non-competes agreements: 2 lessons for businesses

Noncompete agreements are intended to protect businesses. These agreements are generally crafted to ensure an employee does not take a job with a competitor within the same area as the original employer over a certain period of time. Although these agreements can be beneficial to employers they can also pose risks if not structured wisely. These risks include exposing the business to attacks by the media and, most recently, New York's Attorney General (NYAG).