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Common legal issues to review to protect your business

New York business owners face numerous challenges to keep their companies running smoothly. Legal issues may arise before you realize there is a potential problem, which can significantly impact your goals and success in the future. The good news is that business...

Steps to take when buying a business

Buying a business in New York City is a big decision. The purchase of an existing business can have many advantages to starting a business from the ground up. However, several issues must be considered and addressed before you officially buy an existing business. An...

Steps to take during business dissolution

The decision to dissolve the business is often complex. It is vital to take the appropriate steps when dissolving the business to make the process as smooth as possible and to prevent potential legal issues that could significantly impact your future plans. Business...

Can partnership disputes be prevented?

Your business partnership directly impacts the success of your business. Starting your business can be daunting, but there are ways to reduce the legal risks and make the process less stressful for the company. Partnerships succeed when every partner understands their...

Starting a business requires careful planning

The goal of starting and running a business is often never realized without careful planning. It is vital to develop a plan that is tailored to your specific goals. The business realm in New York and New Jersey require a well-crafted plan in order to achieve success....

Protect your business: Learn about common legal issues

Does your business have a strong legal foundation? This is an important question to ask when you are starting your company. As a founder, you should have a good understanding of the legal issues you may face in order to protect your business. Business formation Entity...

How to protect your business against lawsuits

Businesses may face lawsuits over a multitude of issues. It is vital for businesses to protect themselves from litigation whenever possible through enforceable contracts. It is important to note that even the best planning cannot always prevent a lawsuit. What’s...