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Some considerations relevant to partnership success

On Behalf of | May 13, 2017 | Business Formation & Planning |

Any reader of our website at the established Manhattan business and commercial law firm of R3M Law Moser, LLP, will quickly appreciate the emphasis that our attorneys place upon timely and proactive decision making relevant to virtually all business processes.

Our stress upon forward thinking and readiness is buttressed by our long personal experience with one core variable that is common among most successful businesses.

And that is this: Their principals don’t approach important matters half prepared. Indeed, they take due measures well beforehand aimed at anticipating and resolving potential problems and conflict. Moreover, they fully identify and fundamentally agree on business goals before fully committing substantial time, energy and money to pursuing a less-than-clear corporate vision.

We note some factors that we consider prerequisites to partnership success for any New York City commercial enterprise in a firm website article on conscientious business planning and conflict avoidance. We stress therein how vitally important it is for business partners “to be familiar with the measures that can help head off disputes.”

And we elaborate on those factors elsewhere on our site, driving home the central point that business principals need to be paying closest attention to challenges, risks and opportunities “from the very start” of their enterprise.

Proven business law attorneys routinely work in close concert with diverse clients to help them align their values internally, implement sound strategies for dealing with adversity, develop exit strategies, draft foundational contracts and attend to other important matters.

Much of the work involved in driving success in a business partnership is done in a timely and well-considered way well before an enterprise is firmly established.

Experienced legal counsel often plays a key role in promoting a strong business model and processes at their inception, helping company principals gain quick and strong traction as they implement their business plans.