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June 2016 Archives

Some topics to consider before starting a business

Every day, there are people all across the country who make a big decision in their life - to start their own business. The entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful one, but no matter how much drive and inspiration you may have, the planning and execution behind the scenes of the business is just as important, if not more so. Starting a business without any plan or without discussing things with an attorney can lead to disaster.

Bankruptcy is only the beginning of a nuanced approach

Many companies run into financial issues or internal organization problems at some point in their existence. Persevering through these difficulties is the goal, but not every company makes it. This shouldn't discourage you or your company if you face these difficult matters, but it should be used as motivation to get it right. There are many options available to companies that face financial problems, just one of which is Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Your business structure matters greatly

When you form your own business, a lot of your focus will be placed on your product or service, as well as the excitement that comes with being an entrepreneur. But there is one distinct aspect of your business that you need to decide on very early: what type of company are you?

Howard Magaliff Speaking at 32nd Annual Bankruptcy & Restructuring Conference

R3M Law is pleased to announce that Howard Magaliff will be speaking at the Association of Insolvency & Restructuring Advisors 32nd Annual Bankruptcy & Restructuring Conference on June 8th in Coronado Island, CA. Howard will be chairing the panel Pre-packaged vs. Pre-negotiated Plans and is a member of the panel An Overview of Plan Restructuring and Support Agreements.

The importance and utility of non-competition agreements

When you think about it, employment is actually a very complex deal that a company and an individual agree to. On the surface, it seems so simple: the company needs a position filled and a person wants a job. How simple! But employee contracts are filled with important legal information and legitimate protections for both sides to ensure that the deal is worthwhile for the company and the employee.

What is the difference between business types?

Choosing a structure for your business can be challenging. The entity you choose will dictate things like tax treatment and bookkeeping for years to come. Below is a brief description of various entity options; however, it is always best to contact an attorney for advice.