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Manhattan Bankruptcy Law Blog

NYC officials are targeting a specific business audience

Open, not closed.

That is the simple and pointed message that New York City regulators and business officials are forcefully seeking to convey to a commercial audience that they feel is underrepresented in metro business opportunities.

Retailer views Chapter 11 protection as possible lifeline

A national article pointing to a mass retailer's current financial challenges notes a collective nemesis that is sorely testing mall-based fixtures across the country.

Its authors spotlight "digital competition, nimble physical competitors and smartphone shopping" for the demise of many national names and brands that for decades appeared to have flawless business models.

New tax laws will help businesses, but details not wholly clear yet

If you're the owner of a small or medium-sized New York business, your euphoria over recently announced changes to American tax law is understandable. Company principals all across the country have waited for years for tax changes they say have been sorely needed to restore vitality to the country's commercial sector. Tax revision has long been imperative, they say, to render them leaner and more competitive, better able to buy needed equipment and, importantly, to bring in new workers to their enterprises.

Now that such changes are immediately in the proverbial rear-view mirror, it seems reasonably logical why many business executives might want to move forward with dispatch to take fullest advantage of new benefits.

What's in store during 2018 for mid-sized business enterprises?

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that successful business entrepreneurs and owners seldom adopt a stay-put philosophy. We stressed therein (please see our January 20 entry) that what that means for many enterprises in New York and nationally is "a continuing assessment of moves a business might reasonably take to remain strong and viable going forward."

Proactivity rather than passivity is what that implies, with such a mindset being on clear display currently among principals with medium-sized companies across the United States.

Are M&A considerations proper, timely for your company?

If you are a principal in a New York business enterprise, you know that a mindset and performance levels based upon an ongoing status quo ultimately spell a recipe for failure.

Proven managers in companies in the New York City metro area and all across the state know that resting on past accomplishments and being complacent regarding evolving market realities will not consistently yield winning results in the future.

A key element in many Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings: timing

An interesting article in a national publication stresses the importance of timing for many would-be commercial bankruptcy filers in New York and elsewhere.

That piece notes "the trend of retailers that are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization while still profitable."

Business debt and your business: How to protect your company

Business debt can significantly harm your company's future. Business owners struggling to get out of debt have a few different options, depending on the structure of their business and the amount of debt.

The most important thing to do if you are worried about your business debt is to work with an experienced attorney to explore all of your options. You should not make any decisions about paying off debt, responding to creditors or filing for bankruptcy without consulting with your lawyer.

Forecast: retail challenges, opportunities will abound in 2018

We would like to acknowledge and thank our readers and diverse business clients in New York and across the country in this first blog post of the New Year. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2018.

We know that a portion of our readership comprises principals - ranging from entrepreneurs to established business owners - in the vast and sprawling retail world.

When a Chapter 11 filing is appropriate, it can truly breed success

We note a quick truth on our business law website for commercial enterprises eyeing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing as a viable strategy to overcome daunting financial and legal challenges.

And that is this: Although filing for corporate bankruptcy might well be an optimal response for an embattled business, "it is not always the only option available and should not [uniformly] be the first alternative."

Some considerations re 2018 merger/acquisition climate

Although one business analyst/commentator writing on the nation's economic outlook makes a number of points in a recent article penned for a national newspaper, those observations essentially coalesce around one fundamental takeaway.

And that is this: Next year could be a real bell ringer for business production and growth, both across the United States and globally.