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Manhattan Bankruptcy Law Blog

Macy's report: Is projected death of brick-mortar stores premature?

Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette is under no illusions when evaluating the country's retail business climate and the competition his historical American company faces.

"This is the most competitive retail environment that I've ever seen," he stated last week in tandem with the release of Macy's first-quarter results for 2018.

Business financing options in New York are many and variable

A recent article on financing for small businesses in New York notes the “liberating and lucrative path” that select company owners are able to forge when they do things right in the commercial realm.

That realm is of course vast, complex and ultra-competitive, with the above business report accurately stressing that the securing of financing on good terms can be an especially challenging proposition for small and mid-sized enterprises.

New business-centric law is going to have some growing pains

Survey data regarding the federal government's recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are piling up, and they are conclusively showing company managers' confusion about the new law.

To be clear, there seems to be no strong sense of discontent emerging in the ranks of small business owners (that is the demographic focused upon in recent reports) across the country. In fact, most company principals highly anticipated the new law and looked forward to its particulars when it was rolled out earlier this year.

“Telepressure” subject of recently introduced NYC legislation

New York City Council Member Rafael Espinal recently introduced legislation concerning a central workplace reality that seemed reasonably likely to garner instant attention.

In fact, it already has, with his so-called “right-to-disconnect” bill that pushes a fundamental change to a common work practice being prominently spotlighted in media outlets all across the country.

Common legal issues to review to protect your business

New York business owners face numerous challenges to keep their companies running smoothly. Legal issues may arise before you realize there is a potential problem, which can significantly impact your goals and success in the future.

The good news is that business owners can take steps now to prevent problems and have a plan in place for when legal issues do come up. How? Every business owner should work with their lawyer on devising a specific plan to keep their company protected. It is also beneficial to become familiar with common legal issues owners face so you can make sure you are properly prepared.

M&A considerations entail a lot of preparatory thought, effort

Business school examples of companies' merger-acquisition outcomes that were marked by strong success often stress methodical preparation and comprehensive application across a universe of relevant considerations.

They seldom emphasize speed.

Conferring with proven legal counsel re business challenges

New York businesses of all sizes and types live in a reality marked by both opportunity and challenge.

The latter is of course constant and evolving. Negotiations are always ongoing concerning various matters. Buy/sell decisions can be a recurring focus, as might be merger/acquisition considerations. Shareholders demand attention, as do pricing, regulatory compliance, financing and scores of other matters.

Is arbitration always best for resolving business disputes?

You have an implacable problem with a business partner that has become detrimental to your company's operations. It is optimal to resolve that dispute via arbitration rather than through formal litigation, right?


Selling an enterprise: Yes, there is a lot to think about

Are you a New York business owner preoccupied with thoughts about selling your business? Or are you perhaps an entrepreneur who ran with an idea, turned it into a profitable venture and now have a creative spark and itch to move beyond the business and use the profits to fund a new opportunity?

Company principals seek to sell their businesses for varied reasons, notes a recent article on selling-related considerations. Still, they should all be firmly aligned in one thing. Namely, that is a stark appreciation that following through with the process should be preceded by "at least two years of preparation."

Congressional focus on regulating online sales taxes

New York and other states are jealous mistresses in that they want to realize profit from transactions between business entities and consumers.

In the realm of retail transactions, they customarily achieve that goal through the imposition of a sales tax. The amount is easily determined and collected by a brick-and-mortar entity in the state when a customer purchases goods.