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Manhattan Bankruptcy Law Blog

What should start-up principals be most focused upon?

Driving revenue. Creating a solid blueprint for business success. Securing financing on attractive terms. Assembling a high-quality team.

All those things and more go to the core of what entrepreneurs and would-be principals of start-up entities need to focus foremost upon as they lay the foundation for enterprise viability and sustainable profits. No business comes into reality fully realized; creative smarts and sweat equity necessarily precede commercial success.

Focus on NYC commercial lease renewals in City Council bill

We note on our website at the New York City business law firm of Rich Michaelson Magaliff, LLP, that effective representation in commercial law matters spans a wide universe of concerns. Those range from multi-faceted transactional issues and financing considerations to restructuring strategies and leasing considerations.

Leasing-linked matters typically spell top-tier concerns for legions of businesses across the New York metro area. Commercial principals focused on lease conditions and outcomes have an obvious -- and urgent -- need to secure best-case terms on leased property and equipment. Doing so promotes the very important element of predictability for their enterprises.

Regulators in New York, other states focus on anti-poaching pacts

It certainly makes sense from an employer’s perspective. Business owners and managers in New York and elsewhere generally spend a lot of time and money to adequately train new workers. Unquestionably, that is an investment worth protecting, especially against raiding attempts from rivals seeking to score top-tier talent on the cheap.

So-called “anti-poaching” agreements have long been common across the country to counter employers’ fears concerning summary exits by workers, coupled by immediate employment with a competitor. Poaching language is generally inserted directly into employment contracts.

Early signs your business might have money problems

There are a lot of challenges that come with starting and supporting a business. With so many moving pieces, there are any number of things that could go wrong and bring business to a halt.

The financial piece is one that touches a lot of the other areas of the business since, without money, the business simply cannot thrive.

Risk management encompasses handling a company crisis

Both New York start-up enterprises and more established businesses face wide-ranging challenges in tandem with attractive opportunities that emerge when they are smart and competitive.

Those challenges come in many forms. We collectively term them "diverse legal concerns" on our commercial law website at Rich Michaelson Magaliff, LLP.

Considerations for Implementing a Business Plan

Some experienced commercial entrepreneurs craft sound and responsive business plans relatively quickly and with seemingly little effort, while other commercial players - even seasoned business principals - have great challenges crafting such documents.

That is really not surprising. There is no such thing as a boilerplate business plan. Every envisioned start-up is unique, and even leaders of well-established entities often find that material adjustments are necessary to their plans to ensure continued viability and profits.

Material developments occur in NYC's frenetic ride-share industry

Many people in New York City likely thought this was coming.

And it did, signaled formally by Mayor Bill de Blasio's signing of legislation earlier this week that puts a one-year freeze on new licenses granted ride-hailing companies across the city.

Another mall fixture files for Chapter 11, cites new opportunities

The ax falls again.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings for large and well-known commercial players seem to be decidedly on the upswing these days. That is especially notable in the retail sector and involving enterprises with long-established presences in malls and shopping centers.

What to do if the other partner isn’t pulling their weight

Partnerships can be a great way to start or grow a business. You find a great person who seems to have the same goals and visions. They also happen to have a lot of strengths in areas where you are either weak or less interested. It seems like the perfect match.

Then it starts. Small at first. Just an inclination that the other person isn’t pulling their weight. Then, the more you look at it, the more it seems like you’re doing all of the heavy lifting while your partner is reaping a lot of benefit with far less effort.

What are some essentials driving small business success?

What fundamentally promotes small business success?

Every entrepreneur and fledgling company owner in New York and elsewhere obviously covets an answer to that question. It is quite literally a million-dollar query, with pundits across the country providing widely varied answers.