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Manhattan Bankruptcy Law Blog

Business high-tech growth: How is New York City looking?

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley. That directional twist is prominently noted in a recent business article dissecting the health of New York City's economy. That piece analyzes business trends driving growth in the nation's largest and most diverse commercial metro, and what it notes is a thriving pulse.

Empirical evidence highlighting business activity across NYC notes a number of key and forward-pointing tips. Those include these findings:

Americans and entrepreneurialism: a deeply ingrained phenomenon

An annual business-focused survey conducted by the UPS Store reveals data that soundly confirms Americans' enduring entrepreneurial focus and drive. Moreover, the report underscores a strong undercurrent of optimism across the country that bodes well for continued business startups and commercial activity.

There is this data bit, for example: Reportedly, about two-thirds of Americans not currently involved in business activities want to follow through on creative ideas and start their own companies.

What older individuals need to know about starting a business

Graypreneurs are increasing in the United States. What is a "graypreneur?" A graypreneur is simply an older entrepreneur, likely part of the Baby Boomer generation or older. The increase in older entrepreneurs is in part due to many older Americans starting a business instead of heading into retirement.

Some of the reasons older individuals are starting a new business include having more experience and knowledge in a given industry, more financial stability and the ability to take on minimal debt to start the business.

What to know about LLCs: Limited Liability Company

Starting a business involves significant planning. One of the first choices you have to make is your business structure. A limited liability company, LLC, is one of the most common structures and for good reason.

What is an LLC and why do so many businesses choose it? An LLC protects you as a business owner by limiting your liability involving company obligations and debt. An LLC gives you the flexibility to run your company according to your terms instead of following certain requirements like a strict meeting schedule and corporate records.

Is this take on NYC business cogent criticism or just sour grapes?

Business consulting principal Gene Marks is a quite busy commentator on commercial matters for mainstream print and on-air media outlets nationally.

One prominent spotlight for Marks is New York City, specifically the metro’s economic scene and its continued viability as the country’s most dynamic and lucrative urban center.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides for varied business outcomes

Most people thinking about Chapter 11 bankruptcy logically focus upon business reorganization.

In fact, that is what Chapter 11 is centrally about, which arguably makes it at once the most singular and complex of all bankruptcy types.

Due diligence: Identifying challenges, exploiting opportunities

A recent business article underscores in its headline the “unpleasant surprises” that can confront a business owner quickly after the onset of a new startup or somewhere down the road thereafter.

Concededly, the potential for some bumps in the commercial road does need to be spotlighted. At the same time, though, it’s obviously not all about gloom and doom for entrepreneurs and company principals. And that, too, is highlighted in the above article, especially via its reference to due diligence and its key importance to any smart and prudent business player.

Some instructive data concerning New York’s small businesses

Kudos to New York’s small businesses. Reportedly, they are the backbone that centrally supports commercial success across the state and contributes in tremendously important ways to New York’s continued growth and betterment.

The adage, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” might logically come to mind for many people who scan the statistical talking points of a report recently released by New York Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli.