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Manhattan Bankruptcy Law Blog

A key element in many Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings: timing

An interesting article in a national publication stresses the importance of timing for many would-be commercial bankruptcy filers in New York and elsewhere.

That piece notes "the trend of retailers that are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization while still profitable."

Business debt and your business: How to protect your company

Business debt can significantly harm your company's future. Business owners struggling to get out of debt have a few different options, depending on the structure of their business and the amount of debt.

The most important thing to do if you are worried about your business debt is to work with an experienced attorney to explore all of your options. You should not make any decisions about paying off debt, responding to creditors or filing for bankruptcy without consulting with your lawyer.

Forecast: retail challenges, opportunities will abound in 2018

We would like to acknowledge and thank our readers and diverse business clients in New York and across the country in this first blog post of the New Year. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2018.

We know that a portion of our readership comprises principals - ranging from entrepreneurs to established business owners - in the vast and sprawling retail world.

When a Chapter 11 filing is appropriate, it can truly breed success

We note a quick truth on our business law website for commercial enterprises eyeing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing as a viable strategy to overcome daunting financial and legal challenges.

And that is this: Although filing for corporate bankruptcy might well be an optimal response for an embattled business, "it is not always the only option available and should not [uniformly] be the first alternative."

Some considerations re 2018 merger/acquisition climate

Although one business analyst/commentator writing on the nation's economic outlook makes a number of points in a recent article penned for a national newspaper, those observations essentially coalesce around one fundamental takeaway.

And that is this: Next year could be a real bell ringer for business production and growth, both across the United States and globally.

Steps to take during business dissolution

The decision to dissolve the business is often complex. It is vital to take the appropriate steps when dissolving the business to make the process as smooth as possible and to prevent potential legal issues that could significantly impact your future plans.

Business owners must understand the implications of business dissolution to protect themselves and their assets. Certain guidelines should be followed when dissolving your business to reduce the financial and tax ramifications, and to protect your business relationship with employees and customers.

Contract breach legal strategy: customized, tailored in every case

Business principals contracting with other commercial entities obviously work hard to get things right when they engage in sophisticated transactions. In New York and across the NYC metro area, there is a lot at stake for business actors seeking to prosper in a complex and ultra-competitive corporate environment.

Ideally, things ultimately go right for both sides negotiating a contract, whatever its purpose. And, indeed, they sometimes do in the "perfect world" referenced in one business overview focused upon commercial agreements.

Rent-related tax relief arrives for some Manhattan businesses

Sixteen years can go by in a flash for some people. Conversely, it can seem an eternity for others who are recurrently reminded of an exaction they would rather avoid.

Consider small business owners across a select area of Manhattan, for instance. A recent NYC business article spotlights commercial entities operating between Murray Street and 96th Street, an area "where the cost of doing business is generally higher than other parts of the city."

Small Business Saturday has special meaning for NYC

Every year there is outsized clamor linked with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the close tie-in of those frenetic shopping days with supersized entities like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Macy's.

In the midst of all that buzz, it can be easy to forget another key rung in the American business sector, namely, the legions of small businesses that dot the country's landscape.

Chapter 11 assessment merits close look at other options as well

Some law firms hold themselves out as deeply skilled in the counsel they provide business clients concerning Chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy, when in fact they don't have a particularly strong focus on that practice area.

Candidly, it is all about focus and demonstrated experience when it comes to effective legal guidance and representation for commercial clients who raise questions and concerns regarding Chapter 11 bankruptcy.