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July 2016 Archives

Starting a business? Make sure you complete these important steps.

Starting a new business can be exciting but frustrating. You'll be swamped with myriad tasks as you begin a life of entrepreneurship. In order to be successful, you should follow some basic steps to help keep you on track and safeguard your business. Neglecting certain requirements can lead to major financial and legal problems.

Is your company considering Chapter 11? Get an attorney first.

Businesses and companies can run into a wide variety of problems during the course of their operation. The myriad possibilities means that the people in charge need to have the right people advising them so that they can deal with the issues at hand. One of the major problems any company will face is financial issues. Sometimes companies aren't earning what they thought they would in a given quarter or fiscal year, and if the trend continues, the company may be on the road to bankruptcy.

What is a closely held corporation?

For those who are shareholders of a company or are particularly involved in the world of buying and selling stocks, the phrase "closely held corporation" isn't exactly stunning. But many people don't know what such a business is, so today let's talk about closely held corporations.

What should you prepare for when buying a business?

Acquiring a business sounds like a simple, albeit big, transaction. One company or party buys the company, leaving its assets and processes in place, so that the acquiring party can expand their company's reach and profits. But there is far more to the acquisition of a company than an exchange of finances and ownership.

The importance of operating agreements - and why every business needs one

One of the most popular business structures for small to medium sized businesses is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). This business structure is popular for many reasons, chief among them the flexibility the business has to define their own rules regarding operations, and each member's financial and managerial rights and responsibilities.