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October 2016 Archives

Violations of noncompete agreements are serious

Noncompete agreements are essential parts of the world of business law. Companies that use them are protecting themselves from potentially damaging situations in the future. A noncompete can be a standalone contract or it can be a clause in an employment contract. While each noncompete will be a little different, the general point of using one is this: the company doesn't want to risk exposing trade secrets or valuable information to someone who could then go off and work for a competitor or start his or her own business.

Golfsmith bankruptcy brings in numerous bidders

Tiger Woods' career has fallen off a cliff in recent years, and there is a lot of doubt about his ability to even return to semi-competitive form, let alone is hyper-competitive and dominant form he once managed. With Woods waning, golf as a sport has struggled to capture the eyes and hearts of younger people. As a result, the popularity of the sport is down, and companies connected to golf and manufacturing golf equipment have been struggling.

What to know about breach of contract cases

Contracts are essential to the business world. While they are honored and fulfilled in most cases, there are also times when one party to the contract fails to do what they are supposed to do in order to make sure the contract gets completed. Whether that is willful or simply comes as a result of a lack of attention to detail, the results can be very devastating. The breach caused by an unfulfilled contract is often significant, and knowing when to take action based on that breach is not always easy.

The benefits of the closely held business

A few months ago, we wrote a post about closely held businesses and we defined what this type of business is. Closely held businesses are essentially private businesses that have a very limited number of shareholders. Since it is "closely held," such a business can't go public and shareholders would not sell their shares (if they even wanted to in the first place) on a stock exchange.