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How should you go about purchasing a business?

Whether you decide to purchase a business outright or expand your existing business by acquiring, or merging with, another business, there are many details that you need to consider to make your decision. Do not rely on the prospective seller to volunteer all the...

3 topics to cover in a letter of intent

Few things are more challenging and stressful than buying or selling a business. After all, there is likely a substantial amount of money on the line. You do not have to leave the success of the deal to chance, however. A well-drafted letter of intent outlines the...

Is a co-ownership right for your future business?

Business formation can certainly have its challenges. You may have a specific idea of how you want to run your future company, but you may also have concerns about the best way to get off the ground. You may even wonder whether going at it alone is in your best...

What to know about LLCs: Limited Liability Company

Starting a business involves significant planning. One of the first choices you have to make is your business structure. A limited liability company, LLC, is one of the most common structures and for good reason. What is an LLC and why do so many businesses choose it?...

Common business mistakes to avoid

Business owners in New York face numerous challenges. Every business will face a problem at some point. These issues often require unique solutions tailored to fit the needs of their company. As a business owner, you should have a plan drafted to help you address and...

What to know about breach of contract

A breach of contract is a serious issue that can be detrimental to your business. Business owners in New York should understand the basic concepts of what constitutes a breach of contract and what remedies are available if a breach happens.   Violating the terms of a...