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Can partnership disputes be prevented?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2017 | blog |

Your business partnership directly impacts the success of your business. Starting your business can be daunting, but there are ways to reduce the legal risks and make the process less stressful for the company.

Partnerships succeed when every partner understands their role and obligations in the company. Many disputes arise when partners fail to work together. This can include failing to agree on how to invest in the company to not knowing how to resolve disagreements.

How to protect your partnership from the beginning

The issues you may face will be unique to your situation. However, some of the common issues you may need to address to protect your relationship with your business partner include:

  • Management style: Partners with different management styles can make it challenging for business partners to feel valued and that both partners are contributing to the success of the company. It is important to discuss your preferred management style and determine if any changes should be made to make managing your business easier from the start.
  • Financial issues: It is important to determine how equity will be divided between partners. Not all partners invest the same amount of money into the company so it is vital to have these conversations at the beginning so all partners understand their financial obligations and expectations. This is also the time to discuss salary and other obligations for each partner.
  • Skills and roles: Each partner will have different skills to contribute to the company. It is important to understand each partner’s skills to determine each person’s role and contributions.
  • Work-life balance: Each partner may have different expectations when it comes to spending time on the business, especially at the beginning. You should discuss your expectations with each other to avoid arguments over one partner not spending enough time or too much time on the business.

Starting a business is one of the biggest challenges you will face. How you decide to address challenges will set forth the groundwork for your company’s success. Do not wait to think about these issues until a problem arises. A proven NYC business law firm with a record of success can help you effectively and proactively plan for a better future for your new company.