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On financial restructuring and legal help

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | business & commercial bankruptcy |

Financial hardship can befall any company. Maybe not necessarily at any time, but the concept still holds water. When a business starts to suffer financial, it is rare for the solution to be one-dimensional. These problems are often far more complex than they seem, and the solutions often require a tactical approach from many different angles to properly implement.

We say this as experienced attorneys who have seen a thing or two in our time. We at R3M Law Moser, LLP have been working with companies to help them with their bankruptcy issues, their financial problems and other logistical matters that could lead to serious trouble for their business. May it be a Chapter 11 filing or general counsel, R3M Law Moser is here to help your company get through this difficult time.

Getting back to the issue of bankruptcy though: there are often many other measures of austerity that a business can utilize to push through a difficult financial period. For example, a multi-faceted approach to bankruptcy could include not only a Chapter 11 filing, but also a financial reorganization that targets lenders and other existing obligations of the company.

We can also help companies deal with assets that have been over-leveraged, or with restrictions and limitations that are affecting their business. There are a lot of potential issues that can pop up for any company out there, big or small. It is best to be prepared and legally protected when those times unfortunately fall at your feet.