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The need for attorneys when businesses acquire assets

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2016 | Business Litigation |

When a business or corporation looks to acquire new assets, merge with other companies, establish new parts of their ongoing business or preparing for a stock purchase, these types of deals don’t happen overnight. They aren’t completed with a quick handshake a brief exchange of money and assets. No — these agreements are complex and robust, and there are a lot of intricate factors that go into these deals.

In order for these deals to get done, it takes weeks of negotiating and extensive research on the parts of the companies involved and their attorneys. Legal help, as we have discussed before, is absolutely essential in these transactions. Sculpting the agreements so that both parties know what the legal provisions and ramifications of the deal are can only be done by experienced legal representatives with many years of involvement in the world of business and corporate law.

In New York City, there are four names you need to know that fit the bill for your business: Rich, Michaelson, Magaliff and Moser. These four lawyers have an extensive background representing companies with myriad business and corporate issues, including contract disputes, bankruptcy, stock purchases, mergers, reorganization and asset acquisition. Securing your business and providing general counsel for your cause is what these four attorneys live for.

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