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Every day, there are people all across the country who make a big decision in their life – to start their own business. The entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful one, but no matter how much drive and inspiration you may have, the planning and execution behind the scenes of the business is just as important, if not more so. Starting a business without any plan or without discussing things with an attorney can lead to disaster.

There are so many first steps that need to be taken by an entrepreneur before he or she embarks on the small business path, and most of these steps require legal expertise. What kind of business will you be? An LLC? A partnership? A sole proprietorship? And what about the employment contracts you hand out? Or what about the contracts you sign with clients and other companies?

Have you considered registering your business with the state? Do you need to? Do you need a permit to establish and operate your business? What about licenses? What if you want to open up a location in a different state? And on top of all of this: do you even have the capital to establish and operate this company?

There are a lot of issues that anyone needs to consider when starting their own business. Ultimately, they all revolve around a couple of things: your company’s survival and your liability. This is why it behooves anyone to discuss a new business with a lawyer before taking any further action.