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How does Chapter 11 bankruptcy work?

As a business owner goes through the steps of establishing his or her business and growing it, the individual often turns to an attorney in order to make sure he or she is following all the laws related to that business. While one hopes to have their business...

Women’s apparel label seeks Chapter 11 protection

While many might see bankruptcy as a bad word, it can actually be a wonderful thing for those who really need it. For example, Chapter 11 bankruptcy doesn’t mean the company is nearing its demise. It’s actually a great way to protect a company from creditors and give...

Offering business owners a second chance at success

Inherently, an individual who sets out to own all or a portion of a business is a risk-taker. Among business owners the mantra of no risk no reward is a constant and even the most successful business models and business owners may experience financial hardships. From...

What happens after a company files for Chapter 11?

In today’s business and e-commerce world, U.S. companies must not only tackle ways to stand out among their U.S. competitors, but also among strong competition from companies across the globe. Fluctuating financial markets and shifting priorities make it...

Well-known Northeast grocer files or Chapter 11

New York City residents have likely shopped at or walked by a supermarket owned by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company or A&P as it’s more commonly known. The 156-year-old Northeast grocery store chain recently announced it is filing for Chapter 11...