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What challenges many NYC Millennial entrepreneurs the most?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Business Formation & Planning |

Their youth.

That is a quick answer to the headline query leading off today’s blog post, but perhaps the most accurate one as well.

After all, boardrooms across the country feature wizened business veterans more often than they do notably young people with no evidence of hard-earned commercial experience on visible display.

“The majority of people around me are older, white males,” says one young woman who owns a video production company.

Another Millennial business founder notes that she is sometimes considered as a child and not taken sufficiently seriously.

She understandably chafes at that, stating that her company is the result of “sweat, blood and tears” and huge numbers of hours put in weekly to ensure its success.

Millennial entrepreneurs are understandably not America’s most established business class, but some might argue that they are becoming its most important. A recent article on young business owners in New York and nationally duly notes the key infusion of their new and progressive commercial ideas. Notably too, it underscores their comparatively enhanced acumen concerning evolving technologies and new business platforms.

The youthful business demographic is exploding in size and with ideas. The above article alludes to legions of young and smart business entrants who ply their creative energies across New York City, helping to transform commercial realities and grow new markets. Reportedly too, Millennials are busily operating beyond the metro; census data reveal that New York State was the home of more than 21,000 Millennial-owned companies in a recent year.

Like all other entrepreneurs and established commercial players, young people with savvy business instincts and creative drive can enhance opportunities and success through careful alignment with other professionals.

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