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There are a lot of challenges that come with starting and supporting a business. With so many moving pieces, there are any number of things that could go wrong and bring business to a halt.

The financial piece is one that touches a lot of the other areas of the business since, without money, the business simply cannot thrive.

In some situations, it might be tempting to throw more money at the problem, but there is always the potential risk that the money will run out. Then, the more frightening possibility, that the wrong attempt to save the business could make it worse when it’s time to throw in the towel.

Some of these issues can be resolved if they are spotted early enough in the process. Here are some of the signs that your business might be in financial trouble.

Using personal money to sustain the business

Sometimes cash flow and be a problem. Especially when a business is just getting started. If you’re tempted to reach into your own pockets to pay for company expenses, it might be a strong sign that there’s trouble.

While you may have made a personal investment up front when you were starting your business, this should not be the case once you have established a client base and started seeing profits. While it is better to make sure that the bills are getting paid, consider very carefully what the end goal is before you start reaching in your own pockets to take care of the business.

Direction becomes unclear

You probably started your business with a clear goal in mind. You had a product or service that you believed was going to help a lot of people.

If there has been a lot of change to what that goal is, it could be a sign that there are troubled times ahead. This is more than the clarification of goals that often happens as a business develops. When the goals become undefined, it can get difficult to know where the best investments are for both time and money.

This is something to watch for early and often since this is something that can be relatively easy to correct if it becomes an issue. An outsider’s perspective can be helpful. Be sure you’re surrounded by people who will tell you the truth about the company and where they think it’s headed.

Not making a profit

All businesses go through highs and lows. There are even seasons when it becomes difficult to keep the business going. New businesses see this even more since, new businesses take a while to turn a profit.

While not making a profit isn’t always a sign to close for good, it should be a warning that your business is in a difficult financial place. This is a good time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Look to see what has worked and where there is room to improve.