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What’s in store during 2018 for mid-sized business enterprises?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that successful business entrepreneurs and owners seldom adopt a stay-put philosophy. We stressed therein (please see our January 20 entry) that what that means for many enterprises in New York and nationally is “a continuing assessment of moves a business might reasonably take to remain strong and viable going forward.”

Proactivity rather than passivity is what that implies, with such a mindset being on clear display currently among principals with medium-sized companies across the United States.

A recent survey by a national bank on the American commercial landscape clearly reflects a collective energy and transactional bent among company executives nationwide. An article discussing the survey’s findings states that “interest in both buying and selling has increased in the past year” for legions of business owners and managers.

Indeed, a growing optimism and drive focused on merger-and-acquisition activity has seemingly been underway for some time, and is now accelerating. One prominently cited catalyst is the recent change in federal law that dramatically lowers the corporate tax rate for high numbers of companies.

But there is more, too. A general sense of business optimism developed and gained traction well before the federal tax adjustment. Financial markets have strongly advanced over the past year, and many companies across virtually all industries have been reporting strong earnings.

One commentator attributes the growing buoyancy and evidenced willingness to engage in transactional activity as “a function of changing technology and globalization.”

Survey data point to spiking confidence among both would-be sellers and buyers concerning the present business environment.