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Forming and maintaining a successful business is a dream shared by many New York citizens. Hard work, dedication and good planning are key elements in ensuring a business remains viable and competitive. However, even the most business savvy mind can rarely plan for all of the potential legal problems that could arise.

If you dream of having your own enterprise, business formation and planning has probably been on your mind for some time. You may feel you are 100 percent ready to get started, but are you sure you have planned well enough? The attorneys with our law firm have seen many new businesses crumble simply because of unplanned for legal problems.

We know it is impossible to plan for every contingency, but we want to give you a heads up about some of the basic legal problems that could put your new enterprise at risk. Here are just a few for you to consider:

— Having poorly written legal agreements

— Lack of clear employee rules and expectations

— Failure to keep accurate corporate records

— Not knowing the basics of business law

— Acquiring an experienced corporate lawyer

If you have not yet opened your doors to business, you have time to review and improve upon the issues above. If you are already in business, it is not too late to reduce your risk by getting better prepared. The good news is that addressing the last item on the list above can help you manage the rest of the list.

A good business attorney knows the legal problems that many business owners in New York face. This helps you become well-prepared and properly-equipped to rise above your legal issues. We invite you to learn more about business formation and planning by browsing our website.