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General counsel critical for newer companies

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2016 | Business Formation & Planning |

Creating or forming a business, may it be a brand new company or a company that comes into existence out of a bankruptcy, is a complicated and difficult process. There is no easy way to create a company or build it out to the successful company that you ultimately envision it becoming.

Even after your company is formed, there will be plenty of legal issues that will arise. This doesn’t necessarily mean “lawsuit” (although it could) so much as it means that there are procedural steps you must take to create contracts, hire employees, process transactions and build out your payroll.

Those are just four examples of legal issues that we just mentioned that are inherent to the world of creating and owning a business. So many issues can arise at any given moment that would force a company to make serious legal decisions. Purchasing assets, managing equipment and dealing with shareholders and investors are a few more matters that will need to be addressed for many companies.

Newer companies will need general counsel during their formative years and even beyond. In this regard, the lawyers at R3M Law Moser, LLP are ready to serve business owners all across New York, may they be entrepreneurs or veterans of the industry.

With the plethora of issues that can occur in the months and years of owning a business, you shouldn’t leave them to chance. Get an experienced attorney as soon as possible to have your important legal and business questions answered.