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Addressing Conflict Issues With Conflicts Counsel Attorneys

Business bankruptcy filings and proceedings can affect the interests of many parties which makes law firm conflicts of interest common. When counsel in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case recognizes a potential conflict of interest, instead of having to disqualify counsel, “conflict counsel” lawyers may be requested to address matters that the primary attorney cannot.

Bankruptcy Lawyers With Extensive Experience

The conflicts counsel attorneys at R3M Law, LLP, have many decades of collective experience representing debtors and creditors in bankruptcy filings. This experience includes engagement in some of the largest, highest-profile cases in recent years, as well as many involving smaller and midsized concerns. We can step in as professional, seasoned conflicts counsel to resolve your dilemma and help protect your valued client relationships.

A Collaborative, Quality-Focused Chapter 11 Resource Other Law Firms Trust

Our lean, agile business model enables an extremely high level of responsiveness to our clients in New York City and beyond. The knowledge we bring to each matter ensures that quality consistent with the lead law firm’s service levels is maintained. To discuss your need for conflicts counsel or our other services across the spectrum of business and commercial law, we invite you to contact our firm with an email or (877) 373-6811.

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