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New York City Lawyers Handling Noncompete Agreements

A noncompete agreement, also known as a covenant not to compete or noncompete clause, is designed to protect a business from having a departing employee become a competitive threat and use knowledge of the business’s trade secrets against it.

At R3M Law, LLP in New York City, our lawyers are skilled at recognizing when noncompete agreements should be part of an employment contract. We draft contracts that are designed to protect our clients, including noncompetition agreements that cover an effective geographic range and time span. We are also available to review and negotiate contracts on behalf of businesses and potential employees.

Violations Of Noncompete Agreements

Our work involves breaches of noncompete agreements. Our New York City attorneys counsel businesses on the steps to take when a former employee has started a competing business or joined a competitor in violation of a noncompete clause. We recognize how much of a threat a former employee can pose. We are positioned to move quickly in order to get temporary injunctions or other forms of relief to stay the competition while the case progresses.

While we are trial lawyers, we are also committed to following the most appropriate path for the case at hand. Frequently,  matters can be resolved quickly through negotiation. However, if that is not possible, we are certainly prepared to go to court to enforce noncompetition agreements.

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