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Highly Skilled Litigators Strive For Your Most Favorable Outcome

The litigation lawyers at R3M Law, LLP, have extensive experience defending and prosecuting commercial civil cases in New York state and federal courts. Our knowledge and past successes span all phases of the litigation process, from early case assessment through document preservation and discovery, trial, final judgment, appeals and enforcement actions.

A Brief Overview Of Commercial Litigation

Commercial and business litigation is how the major disputes between business partners, employers and employees and competitors find resolution. These can include:

The key ingredient in solving any business dispute is finding a resolution that respects the operational needs of your business. You can win a case, but if you win it at the cost of your company, that certainly does not accomplish your goals.

When Do I Need A Business Attorney?

Disagreements in business are common between all parties. However, there can be a big difference between a disagreement and a legal dispute. Every bit of conflict has the potential to rise to the level of litigation, but most do not. You must realize when a conflict has beyond a resolvable disagreement.

Your legal team should be regularly involved in any dispute in an advisory position, no matter how minor. There are many reactions and approaches that may seem reasonable to you, but could violate the law, especially in the case of an employment dispute. Your lawyer is there to protect you from these possible violations and can only do so if they know what has happened from the inset of the problem.

Contract Disputes And Other Commercial Law Concerns

Our proven capabilities extend to matters such as the safe harbor for securities transactions, substantive consolidation, the applicability of the automatic stay to federal agencies, accounting malpractice allegations and challenges to professional fees.

We represent clients in preference and fraudulent conveyance actions, requests to utilize cash collateral and adequate protection disputes, challenges to the validity and priority of liens, plan confirmation objections, the prosecution and defense of involuntary bankruptcy petitions, and objections to claims.

While our New York City-based commercial litigation attorneys have built outstanding reputations and track records in bankruptcy courts, we are equally skilled and recognized in state and federal courts. Clients turn to us for defense or prosecution of breach of contract claims, counsel in matters governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and litigation of a broad range of other commercial disputes.

Committed To Finding The Best Path To Resolution Of Your Case

We are acutely aware of the burdens full-blown litigation places on our clients – in terms of time, expense and loss of focus on their core business. Consequently, we are proactive in creating opportunities to reach favorable settlements as efficiently as possible. We are experienced in mediation and arbitration, as well as litigation.

A Creative Approach And Impeccable Preparation That Earns Results

We are accomplished case analysts and zealous litigators versed in many aspects of commercial, real estate, bankruptcy and insolvency law. Our firm is a proven resource when partnership, shareholder or various contract disputes arise, and when any form of dispute emerges in a commercial transaction or as a result of a bankruptcy filing.

Learn More About Our Emphasis On Affordability And Results

If your position  may lead to commercial litigation and you want counsel from attorneys who emphasize affordability as well as results, contact us by email or at (877) 373-6811 for a consultation.

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