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New York City Breach Of Contract Attorneys

Contract disputes are at the center of most commercial litigation. At R3M Law, LLP, our Manhattan-based attorneys have successfully represented clients as plaintiffs and defendants in New York City and statewide in contractual disputes.

If possible, our lawyers will attempt to negotiate settlements satisfactory for our clients. When negotiation is not possible or in our clients’ interests, we will tenaciously pursue their rights through trial and appeals, as necessary.

The Appropriate Remedy For A Contract Breach

Every case needs to be examined carefully and a legal strategy needs to be customized based on the facts at hand. We approach each contract breach case individually.

Contract interpretation is a critical skill, as misinterpretations are often at the heart of these disputes. The party that allegedly breached the contract may have misread or misunderstood its rights and obligations as conveyed in the contract language. In these cases, preservation of a valuable business relationship may be possible while still remedying the breach.

In other cases, the breaching party may have truly failed to fulfill the terms of the contract: failing to deliver payment, failing to deliver materials or products, failing to complete work in the required time frame, or failing to complete work to the required standards. The breach may also relate to a specific clause in a contract, such as a noncompete agreement.

Timely Solutions To Contract Disputes

Regardless of the breach that has occurred, our attorneys are fully prepared to find a timely solution that meets the needs of our client. Get in touch with us at 877.373.6811 to learn more about our breach of contract representation.