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Contract disputes a common catalyst in much business litigation

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

Humans routinely converge in agreement on all sorts of matters. Indeed, coming together with some sort of unanimity is central to getting things done in just about any realm.

And that includes business, of course, where agreements – often verbal, but cemented legally in a written contract millions of times each day – comprise the engine that drives development and profit.

Notably, too, contracts “are at the center of most commercial litigation.” We prominently note that point at the Manhattan business law firm of R3M Law on a firm website page addressing contract disputes and breach.

Practiced commercial law attorneys spend a lot of time with diverse and valued clients helping them negotiate, draft, review and, sometimes, forcefully litigate their position in contract breach matters. Problematic issues can arise across virtually every dimension of business activity and involve parties that intersect with a commercial entity across every conceivable front.

Here’s just a partial list of individuals/entities that can square off against a business client in a contract dispute: shareholders and partners, joint venture principals, vendors, suppliers, contractors, lenders, consumers and municipal agencies.

And the list of cited disagreements is just as long. It encompasses alleged failure to make payment, to deliver agreed-upon goods, to timely complete work, to obtain necessary approvals/permits, to conform to quality specifications and more.

Our attorneys work closely and with a demonstrated history of advocacy on behalf of clients having questions or concerns regarding contract interpretation, enforcement and related matters. Our focus is always on securing a timely and fully responsive solution to contractual challenges facing commercial principals that repose trust in our experience and diligent representation.