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NYC officials promoting small businesses, entrepreneurial efforts

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2017 | Business Formation & Planning |

Homogeneity or diversity?

When it comes to the preference of most New York City residents regarding the type of environment they want to live and do business in, the results are eminently clear from any collective standpoint.

The bottom line: City denizens have long appreciated — even demanded — an eclectic urban environment where they are enriched through a variety of business and shopping experiences.

“New York City thrives on the energy, culture and diversity of small businesses,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio recently.

The mayor is strongly supported in that view by legions of other city planners and strategists who want to see the urban landscape liberally and consistently marked by locally grown businesses that bring a vibrant and profitable pulse to its boroughs.

It is the sheer uniqueness of New York City’s diverse business community that progressively drives growth and opportunity, says one commentator on small businesses, who notes that scores of neighborhoods prosper because they “are given character by local merchants and entrepreneurs.”

We duly note and appreciate that reality at the Manhattan law firm of R3M Law Moser, LLP, where our deep legal team of seasoned business attorneys routinely advises diverse clients on broad-based commercial challenges and opportunities.

And we stress this, as noted in a recent blog post: Although we regularly advocate with diligence and conviction on behalf of large and well-established business enterprises, we take equal pride in the representation we provide for smaller businesses and for entrepreneurs with new and exciting ideas for growth and community involvement.

Small businesses are “vital to New York City’s economy,” notes a recent business article discussing a city program to recognize and support small business owners through publicity and funding.

We certainly support any such initiative, and stand always ready to provide diligent and knowledgeable legal services to business clients who call upon us for help.