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From a commercial standpoint, the United States offers exciting opportunities to business startups and already established enterprises from coast to coast.

Given the country’s collective entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to embrace challenges and drive to succeed, it is certainly unsurprising to note that an annual compilation of the “Best Small Business Cities in America” lists entries from all regions of the nation.

And it is equally unsurprising to New Yorkers who know business — including, experienced business and commercial lawyers — that New York City sits firmly atop that list, prominent for its singular ability to attract business talent and inspire commercial competition.

A recent CNBC article points out several notable factors that make the city uniquely attractive for business principals, ranging from a busy construction industry and thriving real estate market to a strong technology support system and the unparalleled finance/banking infrastructure that provides capital infusion for growth.

And then there is the city’s unparalleled diversity, which the above-cited spotlight on metro-area business strength notes “translates well for entrepreneurs” and is flatly unduplicated anywhere else in the United States.

We are certainly aware of all those things at the Manhattan offices of R3M Law Moser, LLP, where our deep and seasoned legal team of business attorneys has collectively engaged in impassioned and proven advocacy on behalf of diverse commercial clients for many decades.

We note both the bracing challenges and opportunities existing across the vast metropolitan area for fledgling businesses, those that are really beginning to take off and entities that already command enviable performance records over time.

And we routinely provide diligent representation to all those valued clients in matters that we point out on a firm website page encompass myriad transaction types and issues.

Truly, New York City is a dynamic environment for business creation and growth, with an entrepreneurial spirit unmatched anywhere else in the country.

We take due pride in that reality, as well as in the broad-based legal role our lawyers play to help business clients identify opportunities and pursue commercial success.