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It doesn’t matter how much of a veteran you are in the business world, or how new or experienced your company is — in any case, you will be dealing with a lot of documents, contracts and agreements that are legally bound to be upheld. There may be varying interpretations of a contract or document, or even a specific provision or clause in a contract or document, but ultimately there is a correct way for these to be interpreted. Sometimes, to reach that correct answer, legal action needs to be taken.

Contract disputes can involve business partners, two competing companies, or a company that is locked in a dispute with its own employees. There are many ways for a dispute to arise; but for it to be resolved may require a legal remedy.

These remedies will vary from case to case, but they usually involve either the “at fault” company or party compensating the other company or party, or they may involve a judge enforcing the original contract. Sometimes this allows the two conflicting parties to maintain their relationship after the dispute is resolved. In other cases, though, the relationship is permanently and irreparably damaged.

No matter the case, it is imperative that businesses have the strong and experienced legal counsel they deserve during a contract dispute. At R3M Law Moser, LLP, we are prepared to handle any case that involves contracts disputes or disagreements between companies, a company and their employees, or even disputes with partners and shareholders.