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New York City officials have long voiced their commitment to an expanded business field that invites participation from a large pool of diverse players.

And they have unquestionably backed words with actions in a demonstrated commitment over time to increase involvement from entrepreneurs and principals representing minority and women-owned businesses.

They are now stepping up with a new effort that one NYC small business regulator says underscores the city’s “commitment to creating pathways that lead to a more equitable city.”

That is an online application termed SBS Connect. The app is a portal that officials say will make it much easier for M/WBE business owners to contract with the city for projects and profitable opportunities.

The Connect tool promises to streamline and simplify users’ interactions with city departments, especially as they seek to gain or reestablish the requisite certification status needed to compete for government contracts. Program information can be accessed via the above link. Interested parties might also consider attending a small business networking fair that will be sponsored by the City on June 11.

It is easy to get on board with diversity-promoting business efforts across the New York City metro atrea. That is especially true for any long-established NYC commercial law firm that has helped small business owners pursue their business dreams over the years.

This has always been a core focus for the deep legal team of R3M Law. Our attorneys routinely provide in-house legal help to valued clients across the full spectrum of business challenges and opportunities. We note on our firm’s website that, in doing so, we “answer day-to-day legal needs with constant emphasis on affordability and results.”

We applaud City programs that seek to meaningfully expand the metro’s already dynamic and diverse business environment. And we stand ready to help new and established principals overcome challenges and optimally promote their goals.