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Compelling reasons why NYC is unparalleled venue for new businesses

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Business Formation & Planning |

When it comes to using New York City as a launching pad for starting a new business and makingit profitable, “the pros outweigh the cons.” And not just by a little bit.

So say members of the entrepreneurial Forbes New York Business Council in a recent article extolling the metro’s virtues as the preeminent venue for the establishment of virtually any kind of commercial enterprise. And, obviously, those virtues similarly apply for established commercial entities ranging from mid-market companies to the nation’s largest conglomerates.

When council participants address NYC positives that spell instant attraction for business principals, they quickly hit upon the fact that New York is, well, New York. That is, the metro commands a singular type of business synergy based on its top-tier stature as a bank/financing center, media capital, repository of diverse and highest-level commercial talent, global transportation hub and more. Moreover, the vast metropolis provides an immense pool of clients, suppliers, vendors and customers for businesses of every stripe.

And then there’s this central point noted by the council: The city encourages “endless networking” and provides limitless opportunities for company owners and managers to ally with proven professionals who can help their businesses grow and profit.

For many commercial principals, that means close association with attorneys commanding extensive business experience. Seasoned and creative lawyers from an established New York law firm routinely provide valued clients with on-point and proven acumen relevant across a wide universe of business considerations.

We welcome contacts to Manhattan-based R3M Law and the opportunity to help diverse businesses optimally promote their commercial interests. Our attorneys have collectively been doing just that for many decades.