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Without mincing words, that is the short and definitive answer delivered by a subject-matter insider to the above-posed blog headline query.

To wit: New York’s governmental agencies focused on commercial matters within the state are in many instances undermining rather than helping small businesses grow and prosper.

A principal with the nonprofit National Federation of Independent Business rues that alleged reality. And, moreover, New York’s NFIB state director Greg Biryla views it as supremely ironic, given that more than 99% of all businesses operating in New York are reportedly “small businesses.”

That should give them appreciable clout, Biryla says. At the very least, it should command sizable respect from state regulators.

And yet it doesn’t, in the view of NIFB, despite the fact that state government organs prosper when small businesses thrive. The tax revenues reaped by New York’s government from business activity are immense, which should logically cultivate regulators’ laser-like focus on assisting businesses in every possible way.

Biryla contends that the focus is short-sighted and myopic instead, and wonders why. He criticizes Albany’s lawmakers for viewing small businesses “not as job creators and community assets, but as ATMs.” He stresses that the state’s initial and subsequently ongoing contacts with business owners are overly aggressive and punitive, coupled with a lack of articulated regulations.

That can – and absolutely needs – to change, contends Biryla and his organization. The NIFB endorses the passage of new pro-business legislation that is presently being considered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The federation believes that it would provide small business owners “some reasonable reprieve from a state regulatory environment that simply isn’t structured to assist Main Street businesses.” Readers can glean the would-be law’s essential details through accessing the above link.

R3M Law attorneys certainly support state enactments that promote business opportunities and prosperity. Our deep legal team has decades of collective legal experience working alongside diverse and valued commercial clients as they strive to develop. They are obviously aided immeasurably in their goals when government is a business partner rather than a nemesis.