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Business vagaries spell opportunity as well as challenge

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

Up and down. Wax and wane. Advance and retreat.

Those and many other contrasting descriptors can be easily employed to chronicle the state of the American economy over time. Some periods are boom, others are bust. And they often seem to follow each other in near lock-step over both short-term and longer periods.

Consider the present. Most business analysts readily agree that commercial activity across the country has generally been in upswing mode since the last presidential transition. A recent MarketWatch article notes that the National Federation of Independent Business (the foremost small business association in the United States) “has been happy with the lower tax rates and regulatory roll-backs of the Trump administration.” They have promoted growth in a broad-based way.

Yet MarketWatch reports that there are now some storm clouds moving in that are dampening the collective enthusiasm of many small business owners. Recent NFIB data indicate that commercial principals’ enthusiasm is waning somewhat. Company owners now worry about their future sales and ability to secure qualified employees.

We’ve heard such things before, right? In fact, progressively varying market conditions spell a core reality in the broad American commercial sphere.

We concede at R3M Law that select economic indicators can be a bit worrisome for some business participants, even driving some of them out of the marketplace.

Our practiced Manhattan commercial attorneys also know, though, that business change often underscores opportunity in a big way for entrepreneurs and proven business players. It is often the dynamism of economic conditions in flux that fuels profit for proactive professionals armed with a sound game plan and growth-linked strategies.

We have long helped such individuals identify and take advantage of new opportunities. In fact, our deep legal team serves in a general counsel capacity for many New York businesses who need knowledgeable and timely legal input on diverse commercial matters.

We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to discuss our demonstrated advocacy on behalf of valued clients.