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When it comes to a spotlighting of New York City as a potential locale for smart and energetic entrepreneurs to launch new businesses, there is obviously a lot to say.

And most inside commentators don’t mince words in communicating a few central messages.

Takeaways provided by members of the Forbes New York Business Council are evidence of that. One local business expert prefaces her comments in a recent article focused on metro startups by flatly noting that “New York City is the nexus of the universe.”

That statement conveys many things. It points to the area’s vast pool of highly trained talent that a would-be business player can hook up with. It underscores the tremendous networking and mentoring opportunities that business principals have across the vast metro. And it serves as bedrock rationale supporting that speaker’s statement that “there are experts in every field on every block.”

Indeed, both fledgling business participants and experienced company owners in NYC have an exceptional opportunity to reach out and tap proven resources that can help them grow their enterprises and ensure long-term viability.

A proven metro commercial law firm is one such asset that can centrally assist a business operator as part of a complementary advisory team. Experienced lawyers can help diverse clients promote key goals across a broad spectrum of business considerations. Those range widely from company formation matters, transactional assistance and financing to regulatory compliance, contractual negotiation/drafting, dispute resolution and more.

R3M Law, LLP, has been an established NYC legal presence for many years, with a demonstrated record of strong client advocacy across a broad spectrum. Our deep legal team understands intimately the risks and rewards relevant to doing business in New York City and routinely helps company principals compete and prosper in a competitive business environment.

We welcome contacts to the firm concerning our lawyers’ backgrounds and the diligent representation we provide to a diverse and valued clientele.