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How can a lawyer help with your commercial lease?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Commercial Law |

Owning a business requires you to make a lot of decisions that can significantly impact the success of your business. Negotiating your commercial lease may seem like an easy thing for you to accomplish on your own but should you have your attorney handle it instead?

It is beneficial to have your business attorney review all contracts, including your commercial lease. A commercial lease may include several clauses. Your lawyer will be able to review these clauses to see how they will affect your business and determine if you should agree to the terms of your lease or negotiate a different agreement.

Some of the issues to discuss with your attorney regarding your commercial lease include:

  • Length of agreement
  • Sublease availability and terms
  • American Disability Act requirements and upgrades
  • Exclusive requirements

Get help reviewing the terms of your lease

Your attorney can review and negotiate an effective commercial lease that works for you and your business. Do not make the mistake of handling your commercial lease on your own. It is best to make sure all stipulations are carefully reviewed before you sign the lease, especially since the terms can be very challenging to impossible to change once the agreement is signed.

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