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What are some essentials driving small business success?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Business Formation & Planning |

What fundamentally promotes small business success?

Every entrepreneur and fledgling company owner in New York and elsewhere obviously covets an answer to that question. It is quite literally a million-dollar query, with pundits across the country providing widely varied answers.

You can add Rhonda Abrams to the mix. She is a long-time book publisher and author who recently contributed a piece on the underpinnings of small business success to a national media publication.

Abrams implicitly suggests that readers might want to pay attention to what she imparts from a career that is still thriving a quarter century after it began. She duly points out that, “25 years later I’m still here.”

That she is still on the scene, and viably so, owes largely to hard work. Business principals toil mightily. As Abrams says, successful players “work long, hard and smart.”

Her guided playbook also stresses that they focus acutely on consistently satisfying customers, securing multiple and attractive financing sources, proactively embracing and responding to inevitable industry changes and forging strong employer/employee bonds.

We intimately understand all that at R3M Law, LLP, given the deep and enduring bonds our practiced business attorneys have with many small business owners.

In fact, our law firm serves as general counsel to diverse companies, helping them identify opportunities and implement strategies aimed at securing optimal commercial outcomes. Our input ranges broadly across matters spanning contracts, financing and risk management to business opportunities and myriad other concerns.

Abrams rightly notes that hard work, creative spark and the timely identification of new opportunities are essentials for business success. An experienced legal team assisting a commercial client can help promote positive outcomes.