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NYC backs up its unique-city assertions in pitch to Amazon

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Business Formation & Planning |

The battle for business has intensified, with cities across the country casting themselves in the most favorable light possible as they vie for an extremely lucrative partnership with giant online retailer Amazon.

We noted the bracing competition in our October 4 blog post, noting therein NYC Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen’s proud claim that no other American metro area “has the space, the ingenuity or the energy that we can offer Amazon.”

City officials have sought to back up that boast with strong evidence and unrivaled business confidence in their submission recently sent to Amazon.

What is at stake is flatly huge. As we noted in the above-cited blog entry, the site selected for the so-called “e-commerce” giant’s projected second headquarters will see an approximate infusion of $5 billion in construction-related funding. And, notably, an estimated 50,000 well-paying jobs are in play.

The city wants all that, and its submission boldly states that no other rival anywhere in the country can remotely match it as an optimal competitor.

For starters, a letter addressed to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos refers to NYC’s status “as the most dynamic and diverse city in the world.” The communication points out the sheer ingenuity of the city’s boroughs, noting the more than 9,000 business startups and unparalleled number of Fortune 500 companies that thrive across the metro region.

And there is all this, of course, too: a high number of world-class universities and hospitals; a singularly high-educated work force to draw upon; scores of millions of local consumers; and a varied and highly efficient transportation system.

In short, the letter concludes, Amazon might reasonably be attracted to New York City as “a place where history is made every day.”

If NYC wins the Amazon contest, a dynamic new chapter in the city’s business history will certainly be written.