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Business restructuring not always about addressing financial woes

Many businesses in New York and nationally embark down the road of fundamental company restructuring as a strategy to combat seemingly insuperable debt and related financial challenges.

The motive that drives business principals toward restructuring is not always linked to desperate circumstances, though. Indeed, business owners/managers often look toward material restructuring for far more positive reasons. Sometimes, they even view it as an opportunistic move that can position their enterprise for greater viability and profit in the future.

We note that on our website at the New York City commercial law firm of Rich Michaelson Magaliff, LLP. Our roster of experienced attorneys routinely counsels and promotes the interests of diverse business clients, including in restructuring matters that can yield an improved bottom line for their enterprises.

We stress on our site that, while "overwhelming debt issues" do of course push some business players toward a restructuring process, "there are many additional reasons that corporate restructuring may be advisable or necessary." Here are just a few of them:

  • Company resizing, either upward to accommodate a happy expansion or downward to take better advantage of new technologies and other cost-cutting efficiencies
  • Debt modification, with it often being the case that a refinancing move is simply a proactively smart business decision
  • Organizational redefining/diversification (many businesses change greatly in their thrust and scope over time)
  • Risk/liability mitigation, with a restructured identity better safeguarding company principals and investors

In a nutshell, restructuring is often as much about opportunistic decision making that greatly improves the prospects for business success as it is about dealing with debt challenges.

Seasoned attorneys from a proven commercial law firm can provide further information.

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