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Business Litigation Archives

Some considerations re shareholder, partnership matters

Although proven and long-tenured business and commercial law attorneys can certainly argue a number of ways against the point - as asserted in an online overview - that shareholder and partnership agreements are "the corporate equivalent of a prenuptial agreement," they might still confirm the base legitimacy of such an analogy.

Spotlighting noncompete agreements: some key factors

It is more than advisable for an employer to consider what might happen in the future regarding select employees who leave their positions to take up employment with a business competitor or go directly into business for themselves.

Royalties under attack in Apple v. Qualcomm lawsuit

Qualcomm is one of the big players in the tech industry, but what many people may not know is that Qualcomm has extended their business by using licensing. If you own or use a smartphone, it is very likely that you are using hardware that carries the Qualcomm name. In fact, in recent years, licensing has accounted or roughly one-third of Qualcomm's revenue. 

Is litigation always the best option to resolve disputes?

If you own a business, you likely have a lot riding on its success. As a result, you may be committed to doing whatever you can to protect it. For instance, if you are involved in complex transactions or if someone is stealing company information or breaching contracts, you may very well be prepared to battle it out in litigation.

Dissolving a business during divorce? Here's what you should know

As a couple who has run a business together, things might have gone well for a long time. Now that you're separating, the best option for you might be to dissolve your business. If you decide that you don't want to keep running it and can't work together in a partnership, you have the option to dissolve it instead.

'Iceland' trademark dispute causes some heads to turn

An amazing piece of business litigation has erupted in Europe. In the United Kingdom, there is a chain of supermarkets called "Iceland Foods." In the European Union, this company was granted a trademark for the word "Iceland" in 2014. The country of Iceland is not a member of the European Union, but they do export a tremendous amount of frozen seafood to the EU. "Iceland Foods," meanwhile, is a major provider of frozen food.

5 things to do when you close your business

Closing a business isn't something that a business owner takes lightly. While some business owners decide to shutter the doors immediately, this often leaves customers and employees baffled. Proper planning can help you to close your business in the best manner possible. Consider these five things that need to be done when you close your business.

Appeal lost by Vivendi after $49.8 million ruling in lawsuit

Vivendi is a large media conglomerate with a bit of a controversial history. In the early 2000s, it was accused of violating federal securities laws. Shareholders were not pleased, and they sued Vivendi for the ordeal. The verdict in that case came down in 2010, and it found the company liable for $49.8 million. Vivendi appealed the verdict, and it was recently rejected by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal judge vacancies impacting expedience of business cases

Have you ever wondered why some cases languish in a legal backlog for so long? It seems so avoidable and unnecessary on the surface, but obviously there are reasons for the long backlogs. But these delays in dealing with a business case or general litigation case don't just create more work over a longer period of time for the court system. They also create huge headaches and massive problems for the companies and individuals at the heart of these cases, as they wait and wait for a critical legal issue to be resolved.