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Manhattan Bankruptcy Law Blog

Chapter 11 assessment merits close look at other options as well

Some law firms hold themselves out as deeply skilled in the counsel they provide business clients concerning Chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy, when in fact they don't have a particularly strong focus on that practice area.

Candidly, it is all about focus and demonstrated experience when it comes to effective legal guidance and representation for commercial clients who raise questions and concerns regarding Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

When does a proposed merger become a monopoly concern?

Although it is difficult to pinpoint when a proposed business merger prompts legitimate anti-competitive concerns, some government officials are noting that a prospective AT&T/Time Warner linkage is unquestionably sounding monopolistic alarm bells.

A contemplated coming together of those two companies has been a front-and-center news item for some time now, for obvious reasons.

Why you should work with an attorney when starting your own business

Your business requires detailed attention from a wide range of professionals in order to be successful. Do not fail to recognize the importance of working with a business attorney until it’s too late.

An attorney will provide sound legal advice on a myriad of business issues. Several matters may arise that need to be addressed and resolved as efficiently as possible. Some of the most common situations that will require an experienced business attorney involve the structure of your business, employment law issues, contracts and complaints or disputes.

Once again, effort to merge doesn't happen for wireless carriers

What might have been ... .

Those words might logically spell the epitaph for prolonged merger-related negotiations between mobile wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile that once again resulted in failure.

Instructive battle brewing between tech rivals re NDA agreements

Seasoned business principals in New York companies and across the country know that paying careful attention to noncompete agreements inked with key employees can be vitally important down the road.

That road is the one taken by select workers when they give notice and take their talents to a new employer.

Can partnership disputes be prevented?

Your business partnership directly impacts the success of your business. Starting your business can be daunting, but there are ways to reduce the legal risks and make the process less stressful for the company.

Partnerships succeed when every partner understands their role and obligations in the company. Many disputes arise when partners fail to work together. This can include failing to agree on how to invest in the company to not knowing how to resolve disagreements.

NYC backs up its unique-city assertions in pitch to Amazon

The battle for business has intensified, with cities across the country casting themselves in the most favorable light possible as they vie for an extremely lucrative partnership with giant online retailer Amazon.

We noted the bracing competition in our October 4 blog post, noting therein NYC Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen's proud claim that no other American metro area "has the space, the ingenuity or the energy that we can offer Amazon."

Full speed ahead: positive report for commercial realty market

A report issued every other year by the nonprofit research group Urban Land Institute is sprinkled with optimism concerning the state of the commercial real estate market across the U.S.

This detail most prominently leaps out from relevant data culled and presented by the organization: commercial transactions from now through 2019 are expected to exceed the average dollar amount of realized realty-related business deals that took place on average over a recent 16-year period.

Focus on NYC's minority-and-women business participation efforts

"This is historic," says New York City official Jonnel Doris in commenting upon the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise program operative across the vast metropolitan area.

Reportedly, that initiative -- commonly referred to as MWBE in shorthand form -- recently passed the $1 billion threshold for contracts awarded by NYC agencies to certified MWBE entities.

Can Amazon bestow even a little more love on New York City?

Clearly, business behemoth Amazon is a bit enamored with New York City, with the commercial colossus already having a strong and well-demonstrated presence across the metropolitan area.

And the giant Internet-based retailer's already existing presence will reportedly be materially augmented soon by its recently announced plan to lease a whopping 360,000 square feet of office space in the Manhattan West business development project. That market move will be further added to by upcoming construction of a so-called fulfillment center on Staten Island.